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Tourette's Toucan!

Anonymous said: My boyfriend, his brother, his dad, and I have all picked up a blinking tic and can't figure out who the origional blinker was. Oops!



Tourette's Toucan!

candynailpolish said: Does anyone else live with someone else who has tourettes? Because my sister and I both have it, and it's simultaneously hilarious and awful. We are always triggering/picking up each other's tics. I just wonder how many people can relate to that.

I don’t live with someone with TS, but I have a few friends with it and we definitely pick up each other’s tics. Does anyone else have this experience?

Tourette's Toucan!

Anonymous said: You give really great advice and you seem really nice and this blog is great Keep being awesome c:

Thank you so much! I try my best. :]


Tourette's Toucan!

sewerprincess said: I feel really alone lately. My tick is blinking and I can barely see. its embarrassing going out. Does anyone else deal with this? The more I worry about people looking the more I blink and its really devastating.

I had a blinking tic for years, so I completely understand how horrible it can be. The best way to avoid that stress is to just stop caring about other people. Of course that’s much easier said than done, but once other people stop being a factor in your self-esteem, life becomes 92836054608x easier.


Tourette's Toucan!

Anonymous said: Hi <3 so I'm a freshman in my high schools marching band. I have TS. One of the drum majors for our band always seems to twitch and jerk his head/ shoulders/ neck a lot. He's a junior and I don't know him very well, but he seems really nice. I really want to ask him if he has TS or any kind of tic disorder, cuz that's what it looks like, but I really don't wanna be rude. Thoughts on what I should do?

That’s a difficult situation to be in because you have to be very careful. Make sure you two are completely alone, you don’t want him feeling like you’re putting him on the spot around other people. Maybe say something like, “Wow, my shoulder is really sore because of my tics. Do you ever experience anything like that? I think I’ve seen you twitching a little, so I was wondering if you might be able to relate” and hopefully he can take that as kind curiosity rather than judgment. Good luck!


Tourette's Toucan!

Anonymous said: Do you think it's possible to develop tics after taking Prozac? I stopped taking it when I was 15 and since then have been developing worse and worse tics. It's to the point where I have motor and vocal tics.

I have a few answers for you.

1. It is absolutely possible for a medication to cause side effects like tics. However, clearly this is not the case if they have continued.

2. It is also very possible for a medication to bring out a pre-existing condition (like a tic disorder). This doesn’t mean the medication causes it, but if you already have the predisposition to a disorder, meds can bring the onset about earlier.

3. Starting to develop tics at 15 isn’t uncommon at all and can have nothing to do with the Prozac. Many people develop tics later in their teen years and that still falls under the umbrella of Tourette’s.

I wouldn’t focus too much on the cause, because it’s not really going to get you anywhere. Try to focus on getting your tics under control and learning coping mechanisms. :]


Tourette's Toucan!

Anonymous said: I got motor tics at 17, and now that I'm 18, I'm pretty sure I've developed a vocal tic (along with lots of other motor tics), I have say a whole sentence when my tics are very bad. Is that impossible or something? I keep getting brushed off when I mention my age, but I'm really suffering right now.

Of course it’s not impossible. It is possible that you had small motor or vocal tics when you were younger that nobody pointed out, or that you’re just a very late bloomer. Don’t take anybody too seriously if they try to neglect what you’re going through. You have us here to help you through it. :]


Tourette's Toucan!

Anonymous said: I really appreciate this blog. My boyfriend has Tourettes &before we started dating I admit I didnt know a ton about it. Thank you for being so educational&helpful, you help me to understand a little of what my baby deals with and that means so much.

That’s what I’m here for! If you ever have any questions/need advice/anything, I’m always here!


Tourette's Toucan!

iloverichardwright said: Another question~ I'm trying to learn about Tourette's as much as I can to support the bae. Do you ever get random sharp pains somewhere in your body? He often complains of this and all I can think to do to help is calm him down until it stops because I haven't got any idea what it could be. Do you think this is something to do with the TS or something else?

It could be just the stress on the body that tics can cause. Are the pains consistent with muscles that are used during particular tics? It could also be related to medications. One of my past medications caused extreme abdominal pain for no real reason. Try to see if those heat wraps work, massage sore muscles, get ice packs, etc… But also treat the mind as well as you treat the body. Make sure he knows it’s not all in his head and you support and love him. Just having a supportive relationship can do a lot. :]


Tourette's Toucan!

valylalanyllysylglutamyllysylmet said: I made my roommate a toucan costume and now I'm really tempted to steal the beak and wings so that when people start saying ignorant shit about TS I can just whip them out and be like, "listen here, motherfucker, the Tourette's Toucan is going to educate the fuck out of you."

Do it. :]


Tourette's Toucan!

iloverichardwright said: For people who have trouble sleeping: my boyfriend has TS with comorbid ADHD and OCD and he says melatonin does wonders to help him sleep. One 5mg tablet should be enough but if not it's ok to take another, just make sure you use it right (take same time each night etc, basic melatonin rules). Also wanted to say I absolutely love scrolling through your posts with him, he finds people he can relate to and it just further teaches me all about TS so thank you :3

Awesome, thank you! I’m so glad you guys can find some happiness here. :D